Meghan & Riccardo - Lisbon

You are the first photographer whose work caught my eye, and though we looked at many others as well, we just kept coming back to you. And was that ever the right choice!

We absolutely love our photos. We love how you captured so many special moments, big and small, and so many moods, personalities, quirks and stories. We love the light, color and composition. We love how you’ve strung the images together in a way that proves, as we observed early on, what a brilliant visual storyteller you are.

In short, we’re blown away and can’t thank you enough for giving us such priceless images through which we can instantly revisit our special day. We just wanted you to know how grateful we are for the incredible energy and artistry you brought to that beautiful day.

Wedding photography Portugal

Lucy & Brian - Algarve

Luis was incredible from start to finish! Not only did he capture our day in a way that far exceeded our expectations (he truly is such a talented photographer and was subtly able to capture so many incredible and natural moments) but he also made the whole experience more enjoyable just by having him there on the day. He truly was an asset and a joy to have as a part of our day and we couldn't recommend highly enough - he has captured moments that we will treasure forever. Thank you Luis!


Kathryn & Gui - Algarve

Luis was simply the best! He photographed our small wedding in the Algarve over a weekend in October and also did our engagement shoot. He was relaxed, friendly, and professional from start to finish. On the day of our wedding, he fit in perfectly with our wedding and guests, gave us direction when we needed, and overall approached the day with the relaxed attitude we needed in the chaos! Our photos came out beautifully natural and truly captured the heart of our wedding.
In planning a destination wedding, there were a lot of things that were uncertain, but working with Luis was never one of them! Thank you so much Luis for the wonderful photos!

Destination Wedding Cascais Portugal

CJ & Derek - Cascais

I've been mentally reliving our big day but your photos! OMG! Even just from the preview, they brought us right back to the day! I can smell the see and feel the warmth of the Lisbon sun! I can hear the music and laughter! WE CANNOT LOVE THEM MORE. I literally screamed when I saw your email at work. We were so lucky to have found you! Internet miracle! Thank you so much for being so great at what you do and so selfless during the day. From the photos, we know your heart is filled with love! And we are really grateful for that.


Kate & Eric – Cape Town

We absolutely LOVE the photos! They are just too amazing! You guys truly outdid yourselves! Thank you a million times over! We are going to have the hardest time ever picking the ones to print….if I could I would print them all.

Destination Wedding Portugal

Alicia & David – Óbidos

You guys made us feel so comfortable and it was a true delight getting to know you both and having you share in our special day. You captured the life, the laughter and ALL the shenanigans and we shall be eternally grateful.

Wedding Photographer Iceland

Natalia & Rolando – Iceland

We have no words! We are absolutely thrilled with all the photographs and the love and care you put taking each and everyone of them… Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Hannah & Doug – Algarve

THANK YOU!! We finally had some quality time together yesteday evening to look through the photos on your blog and we were blown away. They are exactly what we wanted! You guys are perfect!

Wedding Photographer Porto Portugal

Leah & João – Porto

Thank you SO so so so much!! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous and perfectly capture us and perfectly capture the day. We really can’t thank you enough. We love them and we loved working with you. You are both so much fun, so warm and make it feel like you’re part of the day rather than observing the day.