I´m Luis a father of a beautiful girl, a traveller, foodie and dog owner. I love the ocean and road trips and our camper van is our second home. I love the simple things in life… great friends, good food, sunshine and salt water.

I´m Portuguese, and have been a photographer for as long as I can remember and I'm the main shooter of the team. When not documenting people getting hitched you will either find me surfing in the icy Atlantic or cooking elaborate meals that involve every single pot in the kitchen.

Kerry is the brain behind this operation. She´s South African and apart from also taking photos, her role at Piteira Photography is more behind the scenes: editing, blogging, social media. She loves the ocean as much as me and is an incurable wanderer… she loves to travel, to write and to eat all the cheese. You will often finding her walking the dog.

Zé Pequeno is the dog . He likes to do do almost everything the other two do, except for surfing and writing… that´s not so much his thing. He loves to smell everything and is incredibly skilled at ignoring instructions. His role is mascot and moral support and he´s also an excellent foot warmer in the winter.



You are an artist on the inside, regardless of what you do for a living. You see beauty in the unconventional. You laugh a lot. The things you surround yourself with often have more sentimental value than an expensive price tag. You like to make things. You don´t feel obliged to follow traditions just because its what everybody else does. You aren´t afraid to get your hands dirty.  

Your wedding is more about marrying the person you’re completely crazy for and not so much about the napkins matching the bridesmaids earrings. You would rather have images of genuine emotions and spontaneous moments than a formal, posed photo with every. single. one. of. your. guests. You believe that less is more. You don´t take yourself too seriously. You use the smallest event as an excuse for a party. You are madly in love.