After all this years on this adventure of photographing weddings ( I’m not going to say how many so you don’t think I’m too old 😉 ) the universe still surprises me with amazing experiences, with getting out of my comfort zone and jump in a completely new experience that replenish my senses and gets me out of the numbness of a routine. Yes I’ve been in the Azores before, yes it’s not new and I’ve been in most of the spots we’ve photographed, but the reason this islands are so magic is because you never have the same experience, from one day to the next the same view have different colours different hues and different ways of feeling the beauty around you. I got to São Miguel Island to scout for possible locations the day before and it was raining most of the time. I was prepared for that but I new that we would have sun some parts of the day so we would dodge the passing rains and make the most of the sunny windows. But again, this magical place, gave us the most glorious sunny day, quite hot actually! We went around all over, from the Sete cidades lagoon to a picnic at Ponta da Ferraria and sunset at Mosteiros beach, we had a full day, a very good day …

An Elopement in the Azores

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