Every year I´m lucky enough to document these proposal sessions and it´s one of my absolute favorite photo shoots to do. The excitement starts way before the actual photoshoot. We start months ahead planning the right spot, the right time of the day, where and how to meet and then leave the universe do the rest.

I chatted with Dante via Whatsapp for a while sending him over photos of the possible locations for his proposal in Lisbon and coming up with the plan of action, and things went amazingly well! It never goes exactly how we planned, there’s always something unexpected, but its always perfect… in my opinion the more plans we make trying to make it perfect the more chances we have of it not going as planned … the secret is plan the minimum and let things unfold.

I have to say that Dante was one of the most calm and collected grooms-to-be that I photographed so far … he had this amazing idea of starting to take photos of Shruti once they got to the spot that we previously planned, he got on his knee to get a better photo perspective, took out the ring, and bam!! Asked the question. Shruti didn’t had a clue that that moment would be a highlight of their lives, or that I would be there to document it all.

We chose the St Jorge´s Castle for the background to their proposal in Lisbon, overlooking the city. The light was perfect, just around the golden and delicious hour. And she said yes!! We hugged, can you imagine? WE HUGGED!!! Will we be able to do this again in the near future? And we went on a adventure getting lost on the streets of Lisbon… we said good byes, WE HUGGED AGAIN!!! and after a few weeks when I delivered the photos I got this email :

“Luis, I can’t tell you how much we love these incredible photos. The light, the location everything is perfect.  Shruti and I have gone through them several times already and still cannot decide on a favorite because they are all so beautiful. I also cannot thank you enough for the work you did in helping plan the proposal in Lisbon. From advising me on the location, to helping me keep it a complete surprise, you went above and beyond. You made one of the happiest days of our lives completely unforgettable. 
Thank you so so much. Dante and Shruti “

Wishing you two all the best for the future. <3

A Proposal in Lisbon