Never before we felt how much we don’t have any control over what happens in our lives. We always try to predict, plan, organise, have alternatives and plans B, but in the end the universe (whatever that means) always has a different idea and manages to change what we had so meticulously planned. What can we do? Instead of wasting energy trying to fight it or crying about what didn’t go according to plan the best thing to do is to embrace it! Adjust, go with it and accept the unexpected. In the end it’ll all be fine.

Xin- Dee and Andrew came all the way form Malaysia to celebrate their destination wedding in Alentejo with their closest family and friends. Before they headed to their venue Herdade do Barrocal they spent a few days in Lisbon to meet up with friends and spend some time in the city. They rented one of those scooters scattered in every single corner of town and while riding, Xin-Dee lost control of her scooter and injured her shoulder blade really badly, just a couple of days before the wedding!

All of a sudden, months of preparation, the excitement the anticipation of the big wedding day were seriously at risk and the first instinct was to cancel everything. But after considering that it could’ve been much worse, they were both alive and kicking and all their friends and family were there with them, they accepted that with a few tweaks to the planning they could still have a great party, they embraced the episode and went with it.

Their wedding day was amazing! They had a very intimate tea ceremony with lots of emotion, tears and laughs. The light was amazing as always in the Alentejo, and the night was perfect for their dinner under the stars. It was a day to remember. When we’re absorbed in this tragic moments it´s often difficult to see the bright side, and while we can´t see it when we’re there, it´s always this unpredictable episodes, the unplanned moments that we always remember the most and the ones that make for a good story to tell to the grand children.

Destination Wedding Alentejo

Venue: Sao Lourenço de Barrocal