2019… what a year it has been! What a decade it has been, 10 years of travelling and adventures as a Lisbon wedding photographer, it’s been quite the ride.

Weddings have become such an industry and its so easy to get swept up in the trends and “must have” lists… There was a time when no-one wanted to be a wedding photographer, it was a boring and traditional affair, stiff and formal and always followed the same formula. Then something changed, maybe 10, 15 years ago and weddings became more fun, and the photography followed suit. Now everybody wants in and somewhere along the line the whole point of a wedding got lost in a sea of epic landscape shots, or the Pinterest worthy table settings, or choked out in smoke bombs.

What is wedding photography about anyway? Well I guess it depends who you’re asking… but for me? Wedding photography is about the kids and the grannies, the anxious anticipation at the beginning and the drunken shenanigans at the end. The unexpected moments, the impromptu speeches, the embarrassing stories, the tipsy aunties. It´s about the rollercoaster of emotion that is a wedding day. The build up, the anxiety, the relief and release that is, every single time, embodied by the confetti and congratulations as you walk back down that aisle on the arm of your beloved.

My wife always says that a wedding is like a living creature, it takes on a life of its own and in spite of all the preparations and plans and timelines and schedules, things will change… pants will split, socks won’t match, uncles will fall off chairs, veils will get trampled, bridesmaids will get hysterical. And you will have the best time, in spite or actually, BECAUSE of it all. The best moments are the ones that you didn’t expect, that you didn’t plan for.

These moments are what a wedding is about. And that is what wedding photography is about.

Lisbon Wedding Photographer

A big shout out to all of you involved in this amazing year! To all my couples who picked me to tell the story of their day, to all service providers friends that always help me and make every year special, here’s a few of my favourites : Quinta de Santana, Cottas Club, Videoart, Cati Beauty, Hotel São Lourenço do Barrocal, Areias do Seixo, L´And Vineyards, TFY weddings, Nulyweds, Joana Moreira make up thank you so much you guys rock!

Lisbon Wedding Photographer