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Rebecca and João are one of those couples who put you instantly at ease, they make you feel like you´ve known each other for ever and are laid-back and hilariously funny. They met in Vegas in the craziest of circumstances (involving heimlich manoeuvres and near-death experiences) and they are proof that sometimes the most random of situations can have the best outcomes. Their wedding day was non-stop laughs and jokes and we had the best time with them and their crazy/wonderful friends and family. On a personal note, we also got to collaborate with some of our favourites in the “industry” and it´s always such a pleasure to work with people who are on the same page… when you have great artists on your team it doesn´t even feel like work and with Joana Moreira doing makeup and Videoart filming, you know it´s going to be an amazing time, no matter what. Rebecca and João, thanks for sharing your day with us, for trusting us and our crazy ideas and for dancing to Barry White in the vineyards… you guys are the best!

Rebecca Joao Wedding-01  Rebecca Joao-1  Rebecca Joao Wedding-02  Rebecca Joao-2  Rebecca Joao-3  Rebecca Joao-4  Rebecca Joao-5  Rebecca Joao-6  Rebecca Joao-7  Rebecca Joao-13  Rebecca Joao Wedding-03  Rebecca Joao-8  Rebecca Joao-10  Rebecca Joao-9  Rebecca Joao Wedding-04  Rebecca Joao-11  Rebecca Joao-12  Rebecca Joao Wedding-05  Rebecca Joao-15  Rebecca Joao Wedding-12  Rebecca Joao-14  Rebecca Joao Wedding-06  Rebecca Joao-16  Rebecca Joao Wedding-07  Rebecca Joao-17  Rebecca Joao-18  Rebecca Joao Wedding-09  Rebecca Joao-19  Rebecca Joao Wedding-08  Rebecca Joao-20  Rebecca Joao-21  Rebecca Joao-22  Rebecca Joao-23  Rebecca Joao Wedding-10  Rebecca Joao-24  Rebecca Joao Wedding-11  Rebecca Joao-25  Rebecca Joao-26  Rebecca Joao-27  Rebecca Joao-28  Rebecca Joao Wedding-16  Rebecca Joao-29  Rebecca Joao Wedding-13  Rebecca Joao-30  Rebecca Joao-31  Rebecca Joao Wedding-14  Rebecca Joao-32  Rebecca Joao-33  Rebecca Joao Wedding-15  Rebecca Joao-34  Rebecca Joao-36  Rebecca Joao Wedding-17  Rebecca Joao-37  Rebecca Joao Wedding-18  Rebecca Joao-39   Rebecca Joao-38

Venue: Quinta de Sant`Ana

Videography: Videoart

Bridal hair and makeup: Joana Moreira


Nice wedding pictures 🙂 Portugal looks like an amazing destination for wedding photos!

So happy couple! great work here guys! congrats!!!!

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