Gloria Valentin-9

You´ve probably heard us say it a million times before but Lisbon really is a beautiful city. The light, the tiny winding streets and hidden corners, the view over the rooftops from the top of the (many) hills is something to leave the most jaded traveller awestruck. And I think that Gloria and Valentin would agree that they felt the same way when they visited the city a few weeks ago. We took advantage of the picturesque streets and scenery of Alfama as the backdrop and spent a few hours wandering and photographing… we had a great time with these 2 and it was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

Gloria Valentin-11  Gloria Valentin Lisbon-01  Gloria Valentin-1  Gloria Valentin Lisbon-03    Gloria Valentin-10  Gloria Valentin Lisbon-02  Gloria Valentin-4  Gloria Valentin-5  Gloria Valentin-6  Gloria Valentin Lisbon-06  Gloria Valentin-2  Gloria Valentin-3  Gloria Valentin-7  Gloria Valentin Lisbon-05  Gloria Valentin-8  Gloria Valentin Lisbon-04