Photographers we Recommend

These are photographers who we feel have an approach and aesthetic similar to our own. Obviously no two are identical, but these guys are definitely not in the “traditional” wedding box and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.


Brancoprata   Contact: Andre Teixeira. Based in Porto

Instante Fotografia   Contact: Rui Fernandes and Elsa Silva. Based in Guimarães

Love is my Favourite Color   Contact: Rui and Cristiana Vaz Franco. Based in Lisbon

Matt & Lena Photography  Contact: Lena and Matt Ashwell. Based in the Algarve

Pedro Vilela   Contact: Pedro Vilela. Based in Lisbon

The Framers Photography   Contact Rodrigo Vargas and Filipa Leite Rosa. Based in Lisbon

Quem Casa Quer Fotos  Contact: Luis Efigenio. Based in Braga

Ricardo Vieira   Contact: Ricardo Vieira