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Working as a wedding photographer in Portugal means that I get the chance to meet a lot of other people and businesses involved in the wedding industry. Some of them I love, because they are good people, they are excellent professionals and because they are hard workers, passionate about their jobs and always great to spend time with. These are my favourites, I know them all personally, have worked with them before and recommend them without hesitation…

Wedding Planners

Nulyweds | Based in Lisbon, Portugal, contact Olivia dos Santos

Como Branco Wedding Concept | Based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Something Borrowed | Based in Lisbon, contact Teresa Perdigão.

Wedding and Reception Locations

Quinta de Sant’Ana | Situated in Gradil, Mafra.

Sao Lourenço do Barrocal | Monsaraz, Alentejo.

Areias do Seixo | Santa Cruz, Silver Coast.

Aldeia da Pedralva | Costa Vicentina, Algarve.

Decor, Wedding Design and Styling

Brancoprata | Based in Porto, contact Sofia Ferreira.


Flow | Based in Lisbon, contact Marta Ferraz

Wedding Cakes

Little Upside Down Cake | Baked goods and custom orders, based in Lisbon, contact Sanda Vuckovic.

Wedding Celebrants

Your European Wedding Celebrant  Available throughout Portugal.

Portugal Wedding Ceremonies | Based in Madeira & Lisbon.

Make Up Artists

Joana Moreira | Based in Lisbon, contact Joana.

Cati Beauty | Based in Lisbon, contact Cati.

Vania Oliveira | Based in Marinha Grande, contact Vania.


Videoart | Based in Lisbon, contact Carlos Ferreira.

The Amazing Rabbit | Based in Porto, contact Fábio Coelho.

Wedding Stories | Based in Madrid, contact Henrique Cepeda.

Happy Together | Based in Lisbon, contact Raquel and Zacarias.


Jukebox | (DJ’s) Based in Lisbon, contact João Dias Marques.

The Daddy Jack Band | (Live Band) Based in the Algarve, contact Bruno.

The Cottas Club Jazz Band | Based in Bombarral


Wedding Photographer in Portugal

Wedding photographer in Portugal