People we love to work with.

Working as wedding photographers means that we get the chance to meet a lot of other people and businesses involved in the wedding industry. Some of them we love, because they are good people, they are excellent professionals and because they are hard workers, passionate about their jobs and always great to spend time with. These are our favourites, we know them all personally and recommend them without hesitation…

Wedding Planners

Eter Wedding | Based in Evora and available throughout the Alentejo region, contact Rute Porto

Como Branco Wedding Concept | Based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Something Borrowed | Based in Lisbon, contact Teresa Perdigão.

Wedding and Reception Locations

Quinta de Sant’Ana | Situated in Gradil, Mafra, contact Ann Frost.

Restaurante Ilha do Arroz | Situated on the beach in Comporta, contact António Carvalho:

Aldeia da Mata Pequena | Situated in Mafra.

Decor, Wedding Design and Styling

Eter Wedding | Based in Evora and available throughout the Alentejo region, contact Rute Porto.

Brancoprata | Based in Porto, contact Sofia Ferreira.


Flow | Based in Lisbon, contact Marta Ferraz

Wedding Cakes

Little Upside Down Cake | Baked goods and custom orders, based in Lisbon, contact Sanda Pagaimo.

Wedding Celebrants

Portugal Wedding Ceremonies | Based in Madeira & Lisbon, contact Becky de Sancha.

João Silva | Based in the Algarve.

Melanie Reeg | Based in central Portugal.

Make Up Artists

Joana Moreira | Based in Lisbon, contact Joana.

makeup Martist | Based in Lisbon, contact Marta Sousa.

Vania Oliveira | Based in Marinha Grande, contact Vania.


Videoart | Based in Lisbon, contact Carlos Ferreira.

The Amazing Rabbit | Based in Porto, contact Fábio Coelho.

Wedding Stories | Based in Madrid, contact Henrique Cepeda.

Happy Together | Based in Lisbon, contact Raquel and Zacarias.


Jukebox | (DJ’s) Based in Lisbon, contact João Dias Marques.

The Daddy Jack Band | (Live Band) Based in the Algarve, contact Bruno.

.Cottas Club Jazz Band | Based in Bombarral.