Niamh and Andy are from Ireland… you know, lush, green rainy Ireland… so the fact that it was pouring with rain on the day of their engagement session wasn´t something that they weren´t used to… but it´s also not something you expect when you come to Portugal, from Ireland, because the weather is supposed to be better here. Sometimes, it just doesn´t quite work out like that. But they´d driven all the way up to Lisbon from the Algarve to meet us and we weren´t going to send them home again without an engagement session, regardless of the rain or the howling wind… and because we only work with the most courageous and wild-spirited of couples, these 2 lovers didn´t think twice about taking photos in the rain. And in true Irish style, Andy had a drinking game up his sleeve and managed to catch Niamh off guard… which meant a cheeky round of Jägermeisters in the street… all in the name of keeping warm… love these guys! Thank you both, for going along with our crazy rainy ideas… we can´t wait to see you again in the Algarve this summer!



NiamhAndyLisbon-2 NiamhAndyLisbon-5 Niamh Andy E-session-2 NiamhAndyLisbon-3 NiamhAndyLisbon-4 Niamh Andy E-session-1 NiamhAndyLisbon-1 Niamh Andy E-session-7 NiamhAndyLisbon-6 NiamhAndyLisbon-7 Niamh Andy E-session-3 NiamhAndyLisbon-9 NiamhAndyLisbon-18 Niamh Andy E-session-4 NiamhAndyLisbon-10 NiamhAndyLisbon-11 NiamhAndyLisbon-12 NiamhAndyLisbon-13 NiamhAndyLisbon-14 NiamhAndyLisbon-15 Niamh Andy E-session-5 NiamhAndyLisbon-17 Niamh Andy E-session-6 NiamhAndyLisbon-16


they were very courageous, and your pics were so lovely! cool guys!!!! congrats !!!!

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