fotografia da familia lisboa, portugal

This is family shoot, but it´s also an e-session and it´s one of those that makes us smile just looking through the images. Marriage is an agreement, a promise, some even call it a contract, between 2 people who are declaring to each other and the rest of the world that they want to be together. But there is nothing that connects 2 people quite so strongly and permanently as having a child in common, and Patricia and Frederico have already “signed” that contract twice! We met up for a picnic with this little family and spent a lovely evening with them on the beach… there´s nothing like sand and seawater to make kids happy, all we needed to do was let them be themselves…

Pat&FredFamilia-1 Pat&FredFamilia-2 P&F-familia-2 Pat&FredFamilia-3 P&F-familia-3 Pat&FredFamilia-4 Pat&FredFamilia-5 Pat&FredFamilia-6 Pat&FredFamilia-7 Pat&FredFamilia-8 Pat&FredFamilia-9 Pat&FredFamilia-10 P&F-familia-6 Pat&FredFamilia-11 Pat&FredFamilia-12 Pat&FredFamilia-13 P&F-familia-1 Pat&FredFamilia-14 Pat&FredFamilia-15 Pat&FredFamilia-28 Pat&FredFamilia-16 Pat&FredFamilia-17 Pat&FredFamilia-18 Pat&FredFamilia-19 Pat&FredFamilia-20 Pat&FredFamilia-23 Pat&FredFamilia-24 P&F-familia-5 Pat&FredFamilia-25 Pat&FredFamilia-27 Pat&FredFamilia-29